A Boy's Room

Boys rooms can be a difficult thing to decorate.  If you look online you're often limited to plaid patchwork quilts or the latest superhero theme.  Nothing wrong with those, but I just don't want to have to redo the room when he outgrows whoever or whatever he's into at the moment.  I have been brainstorming ideas forever and came up with this mood board a few months ago, but have had cold feet when it came to pulling the trigger.

A Boy's Room

This past week, I finally got fed up with my own indecision and the state of his room and decided to make a move. Whatever I did, I felt would be a step up from what he had going on, which was last done when he was a baby.

I am a decidedly neutral-loving girl, but my boy is full of energy and requested bright color.  Bright wall colors make my heart hurt (ha-ha!), so we are working toward a compromise.  Originally I was thinking of going with a light gray on the wall, but as you can see I have gray-blue on the walls.  It reminds me of the sky and atmosphere.  The room isn't complete and we may change the wall color to something bolder, but we've got a start on the space.

I have a loose 'night sky/night-time' theme for the room.  The Bub is a night owl, and has fought sleep since they day he was born.  He gave up naps at age two and never willingly goes to bed.  We also used to stargaze at night in the summer and count the stars as they came out.  So when I saw the star chart poster, I thought it would be cool since it identifies the constellations in the night sky.  I also have to finalize the artwork for the gallery wall frames over the dresser.  I am planning to have the Bub recreate some artwork they did in Kindergarten of the phases of the moon for the lower frame with the three sections.  And then I have a poster that reads, "Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll land among the stars."  That will go in the frame above the owl.  I'm excited to get those up in the frames.  

This unit from Ikea is essential for corralling all of the toys that kids seem to have.  The sections and bins are lifesavers.  I still want to add a pinboard over the cube storage to post up some of his artwork from school and other things of interest to him.

Although I don't see a bright neon color on the walls, I can envision bringing bold color in by perhaps  painting the bed in a bold reddish-orange or grass green.  He also has a play table that could be repainted in a matching color.  We often think that to add color it has to be on the walls, but bold color can be just as a effective used in textiles and furniture.   I am also debating bringing in the chalkboard and book ledges from the playroom, since it has become somewhat defunct.  Pretty much all of the toys and art supplies have been moved to his room.  I am also looking into some new bedding to coordinate with the space.  But I like the direction we are moving in.

                                     Before                                                           Progress

To see some of my inspiration for boy's rooms, check out my Boy's Room pinterest page.

Making Over the Laundry Room

 I've been putting together a palette for my laundry room.  I am in the process of replacing my washer and dryer and decided to try to pull the room together before they are delivered.  My laundry area sits down at the end of what is really a multi-purpose room.  When you open the door to the room you look down a narrow hallway that on the left houses a pantry behind sliding doors, and a coat/storage closet on the right.

At the end the space opens up, but has an exposed water heater on the right and leads to the garage on the left with the washer and dryer along the back wall.    

When I think about it, it's a neat space because it performs a lot of functions, but I don't currently like what I see when I walk thru the space.   Especially since the water heater stares you in the face as soon as you open the garage door.  It's even up on a platform, which has become sort of a make-shift garage 'entry table' or junk catcher.  Ugh..so time to remedy that.

I had several goals when picking a palette for the space.  First, I wanted it to be light, serene, and fresh.  Picking the right palette I think will have the most impact of the feel of the room.   Second, the existing white ceramic floors will stay and must coordinate with whatever I choose. Third, I don't want to see the water heater anymore.  Fourth, I need storage.  I used to have a lone wire shelf above the washer and dryer, but I took it down several years ago because I hated it.  I want to add closed storage above the washer and dryer and a folding space as well.

So far this is the palette I have chosen.  Blue, white, french grey, marble, stained wood...yes please!  I'm dreaming of a backsplash out of the hex marble tile.  If I can DIY it, it may be possible, but everything else I think is doable.

I am testing wall colors and painted the back wall a shade of blue, but am leaning toward a french grey wall color.  I can still bring the blue in with fabric.
The blue and white fabric feels fresh and bright, while the french grey wall color makes it feel serene.  These colors will also coordinate with the existing white tile floors.  To hide the water heater, I plan to hang drapes on a curving track system.  

For storage the plan is to add cabinetry above the washer and dryer.  I called up a family friend for a reference to a carpenter to hang cabinets for me and install brackets for the countertop.   Well, not only did I get a good reference (turns out he and his son do custom carpentry!), but he had two beautiful, 42-inch, raised-panel, custom cabinets in his shop from a previous job, that he's giving to me for the space.  Yay!!  (Cue the "Everything is awesoooome!" song.)   The only thing is they are two different widths.  One is 30 inches wide and one is 36 inches wide.  I had originally planned to install two 30 inch cabinets and have approximately 20 inches of open shelving in between.  But I've sketched up a plan for the cabinet and appliance wall.  The wall is off center from the line of sight when you look down the hallway, so I'm hoping that it will help the asymmetry to sort of disappear.  So we will see.  

For the countertop the plan is to use a sheet of birch or oak plywood and stain, seal, and trim it out.   I can envision skirting the countertop with the blue/white striped fabric.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  I better get started with painting.  Enjoy your weekend!

After the storm

It rained here today, but I was sitting looking out the window and noticed that the sun decided to peek back out this evening.   So even though it was cloudy overhead, the sun was hitting the top part of my garden.  I couldn't help but grab my phone and snap some pics because I love how everything looks after a spring rain.

Clematis vine--my first year getting one to climb

First year for getting my veggies to grow too.  I think these are Roma tomatoes.

Jalopeno peppers

Grape Tomatoes

My Unpotted Potted Succulents...they still in their pots from the store, but in a pot.  I just got the cactus soil mix to plant them though.

Have a great weekend!

June Garden & Patio Update

I've been away for a while--busy with life.  I can't believe it's June already.  The Bub finished Kindergarten and we went on vacation to Charleston the next day.  But the entire family got sick on the way down, so it was not the best way spend a vacation.  We made the best of it and got out the hotel a little bit each day.

I thought I would show you a bit of what's going on in the garden because that's the extent of excitement in my life right now.  My garden is five years old this year, and I feel am slowly learning how to take care of it.  When you see my grass, you may question that statement.  But, one of my biggest discoveries is night gardening.  It's so hot here by the time I go outside in the morning that it's hard to enjoy being outside.  But I've installed some more garden lights this year and now I go out about 9pm and water the plants and hang out.  It is so peaceful and calming.  The perfect way to end the day.

For the first time I am repeating my potted plants as well.  I loved the look of potted herbs like lavender and rosemary last year.  This year I've had them over a month and have kept up with watering them.  I usually expect my plants to fend for themselves, but they need a bit of help, especially if they are in pots.

First up, my annual herb pot.  I keep this pot by the back door.  This year, I upgraded to a ceramic pot that I hope to have for years.  I decided to mix in some purple verbena and white petunias.  But there's also mint, oregano, and basil.

Three pots of lavender on the dining table.  I think this is my favorite color palette in the garden.  

My native day lilies that I dug up from the side of the road.  They bloom well in full sun but still need a bit of water.  They were looking stressed, so I pulled out most of the brown foliage and I've started watering them every 2-3 days. 

My beloved "Endless Summer" hydrangea.  I bought hydrangeas when I first installed the garden, but they didn't survive.  A couple of years ago, I bought two and planted them on the side of the house and they did OK.  This year I transplanted one to a bare corner near the patio and watered it nearly daily for a couple of weeks.   Now I water it about every other day.  I can't tell you how happy that big purple flower makes me.  This is why I wanted a garden.

And now, let's have a moment of silence for the lawn.  (*sigh*, make that two)  

I did treat the weeds with chemicals and it has been pretty effective I suppose.  But there isn't much lawn left.  A smart person would probably call in TruGreen to take over, but I am a stubborn DIY'er, so I will not be doing that.  I attended a class offered by the county extension office in my area and according to their lawn care guide, it's best to reseed in the fall.  I considered reseeding now, but it's so hot, I can't imagine it being able to survive.  So this probably will not be resolved this growing season.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.  But that's the beauty of gardening.  

You always get a do-over next year.  

I am thinking of fertilizing and watering to see if this improves the situation.  In the meantime, ahem, there's always night gardening.

Oh, and just a quick peek at the front patio.  

It's a nice place to sit because it stays shaded all day.  My favorite spot is that black wicker chair in the corner.   I found a set of four at Goodwill for $30 last year, I believe.  They were/are a bit run down, but I gave two of them a fresh coat of spray paint and some cushions.  They are perfect for enjoying a cup of tea on the porch.  I still have two in my garage that I need to refinish and find a place for.   

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of spring.  Does it still feel like spring to anyone?  I keep calling it summer, but it will be here soon enough.  

Until next time...